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About Sydney Motorbike Network

Sydney motorcycle transport, bike carrier and motorbike rescue service Sydney

The only Motorcycle Rescue, Transport, Towing Service with drivers/offices in Sydney and the Riverina Region, established from Scratch in 2008

A family business built on a love of motorcycling...

Sydney Motorbike Network's owner Mark began his motorcycling career as a motorbike courier in Sydney, then in London - a total of 10 years as a professional rider.

Mark always had his work bike and a pleasure bike so as to seperate work and play, and indulged his love of motorcycling 7 days a week. The constant need for motorcycle maintenance (50'000km per year plus while on the job!) led him to meet a number of trusted motorcycle and scooter mechanics around the Sydney area, then also in London during a 4 1/2 year stint there as a "despatch rider", carrying parcels all over the country on 2 wheels.

He then learned to maintain his own motorcycle, starting small and eventually leaving the motorbike courier profession to pursue a career as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic with Love Motorcycles in Artarmon (now in Waitara). Soon a move to Sydney Performance Motorcycles in Taren Point expanded his knowledge base of many different types of motorcycles and motorcycle riders.

Full qualification as a motorcycle mechanic came next, and a stint of a few years racing motorcycles and attending track days each month with large groups of motorcycling friends, arranged by Mark through association with a few different motorcycle rider forums. During these years as a mechanic and racer a lot more knowledge was gained on the science of safe motorcycle strapping, and various techniques used for loading and unloading and safe transportation of different types of two-wheeled craft.

Mark had a couple of Suzuki GN250's that he started hiring out whilst working as a bike mechanic, which gradually formed into Sydney Motorbike Network's hire fleet. An ambitious Mark decided to go out on his own as a self employed business owner, and Sydney Motorbike Network was born.

Initially the motorcycle transport and motorbike carrier/towing service was just a supplement to the SMN income, but it soon became obvious that business was set to boom. SMN's network of Sydney, rural and interstate shops and workshops has steadily grown over the years, beginning with a few that had got to know Mark through personal and business relationships forged through the years as a prominent member of Sydney's motorcycling community. Other shops joined us as partners purely by recommendation from workshops and dealers we have dealt with since starting out. We also sub contract to a handful of interstate motorcycle carriers who entrust the Sydney local end of their long-haul journeys to SMN.

Sydney Motorbike Network now consists of owners Mark and his wife Katy, 2 employee drivers and two extra contract drivers, giving us a much wider reach over Sydney and NSW.

SMN's transport service has become a full-time business on it's own - we carry new bikes and scooters from dealers, interstate purchases, pick up broken down bikes, return motorbikes after service and repairs, deliver to track days, race days and motorbike rallies, and partner with interstate motorcycle carriers to pickup and deliver motorcycles coming from and going to all parts of Australia.

We have expanded our network to service the Western Plains, Broken Hill and the Riverina (the only specialised motorcycle and atv carrier to do so), as well as Brisbane, Melbourne and the NSW North Coast, with regular scheduled runs servicing these areas. Our services also include regular runs up to Newcastle and the Central Coast, and through our interstate partners we can offer motorcycle, trike and atv transport to almost anywhere in the country!

In more recent news, the hire side of SMN has been sold, re-opening for trading as "Sydney Motorbike Rentals" with it's new owner in Chipping Norton, Sydney. SMR still hire out a variety of motorcycles, from dirt bikes to road bikes, touring to sports bikes, and a range of learner/LAMS motorcycles.

In 2013 SMN set up an office in Wagga Wagga from which to service the Riverina, ACT and and Snowy Regions, and will soon operate an authorised motorcycles-only towing service and holding yard, with the ability to legally attend accident scenes to safely recover motorbikes involved in every rider's nightmare. No longer will a car towing company drag your pride and joy on its side onto a tilt tray....!

There IS a careful, professional motorcycle-specific alternative for the RIGHT price!

Call us now on 1300 36 35 33 to discuss your motorcycle towing and transport needs!

Our Partners - Recommended Services

As a local and rural motorbike carrier and towing service we form partnerships with many of Sydney's trusted shops and workshops, and other bike-related service providers who choose to use and recommend Sydney Motorbike Network to their customers.

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